Conditioner GREE MUSE On/Off GWH18AFC-18000 BTU

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    Conditionere de uz casnic
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  • Model:

    Muse on/off
  • Suprafata incaperii, m2:

  • Capacitate racire, BTU:

  • Compresor:

  • Încălzire la: °C:

  • Clasă energoeficienta:

  • Putere la răcire, kW:

  • Putere la încălzire, kW:

  • Consum en. electrică la răcire, kW:

  • Consum en. electrică la încălzire, kW:

  • Hladagent:

  • Nivel zgomot, dB:

  • Lungime maxima trasa:

  • Inaltime cadere maxima:

  • Diametru tevi:

    1/4 - 1/2
  • Dimensiune bloc intern:

  • Dimensiune bloc extern:

  • Greutatea bloc intern, kg:

  • Greutatea bloc extern, kg:

  • Regimuri de baza:

    Racire / Incalzire / Uscare / Ventilare
  • Regim uscare:

  • Regim ventilare:

  • Filtru aer:

  • Timer oprire/pornire:

  • Regulare viteza ventilator:

  • Diapazonul temperaturilor de funcționare, racire, °C:



The GREE GWH18AFC-K3NNA1A MUSE air conditioner is not only an efficient climatic device, but also environmentally friendly. It works on a refrigerant that does not harm nature, and is also more economical. As a result, the air conditioner not only creates a comfortable microclimate, but also does it without wasting electricity. Our company offers the air conditioner of this model at an affordable price.


The air conditioner of this model is suitable for small rooms - apartments, offices, commercial or retail space, hotel rooms. The area should not exceed 50 m2.

Another distinctive feature of the GREE GWH18AFC-K3NNA1A MUSE is an attractive design. The indoor unit has a hidden temperature display. The panel has a streamlined shape, made of durable plastic. Side bends - metallized. The elegance of forms and concise appearance will allow such a device to easily fit into a variety of types of interiors.

Ergonomically shaped remote control with display.
Long service life.
A wide stream of air will evenly heat or cool the room.
Accurately maintains temperature readings.
Lots of features for your comfort.
Works for heating and cooling.
The weight of the indoor unit is only 11 kg, the outdoor unit is 39 kg.
The GREE GWH18AFC-K3NNA1A MUSE air conditioner is a versatile option that will allow you to create a comfortable microclimate in any season. The ease of setting up and selecting the appropriate mode will allow you not to worry about what the weather is like outside.


The air conditioner has several operating modes, as well as many functions that will allow you to create the microclimate as accurately as possible, which is necessary for comfortable work or rest.

The air conditioner has the following operating modes:

Automatic - The fan speed is set by the processor depending on the surrounding conditions.
Drying and cleaning - the most effective mode, designed to quickly remove moisture.
Heating or cooling air.
In addition, you can control the operation of the air conditioner using the following functions:

Timer - you can set the time to turn on and off the device depending on your needs.
Convenient indication of time on the remote control.
For intensive cooling and heating there is a Turbo mode.
Sleep mode for the most comfortable work at night and reduce electricity consumption.
You can also choose the fan speed that is comfortable for you. All this will allow you to create a mode of operation that will be comfortable for you and those around you.

Advantages of the GREE GWH18AFC-K3NNA1A MUSE air conditioner

Quickly cools or warms up the air.
Soft start of the device - it starts at low speed, gradually increasing them.
The auto-restart function will allow you to restore all the specified parameters when you turn it on again.
Beep when turning on and off.
The ability to block the control panel from accidental pressing.
Self-diagnosis - the air conditioner will report an error by displaying its code on the display.
Self-cleaning will avoid the need to clean the heat exchanger mechanically.
Even if the voltage is low, the air conditioner can work.
The indoor unit has a removable panel for easy filter cleaning or maintenance. The GREE GWH18AFC-K3NNA1A MUSE air conditioner requires minimal intervention in its work.

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